Verses by the Durban signaller

This is the ‘pamphlet’ mentioned in a couple of Dad’s letters.  A link to more information about the woman who was known as the Durban signaller was included in my last post.  The copy shared here was sent home to Dad’s sister Ivy – on the front page there’s a note from him saying ‘if possible youngster, keep this till I get home’.  He posted it to her from Port Suez in march 1941.

The back page is covered with autographs of members of the Carrier Platoon:

QX 4472  AL Earea  Highgate Hill     Brisbane Q

TX 1003   A Hallam   Hobart   Tasmania

QX 6550   FE Dredge   Thursday Island   Queensland

QX 1418   JL Steiger  Texas   Queensland

QX 5045   GA Watts   Gympie   Qld

QX 6555   C Mene  Thursday Island   North Queensland

QX 398   JJ Doran   Brisbane   Queensland

QX 3570   A Henderson   Cairns   Nth Queensland

[QX 1338]   Pte L Woodlock  Goondiwindi   Queensland

TX 797      VJ Abel    Deloraine   Tasmania

TX 599    RE Lewis   Wynyard    Tasmania

TX 286    RJ Cole  Launceston  Tasmania

QX 275  J Black   West St   Rockhampton   Qld

SX 763   JH Woods   Renmark  SA

[QX 2853]   P McCowan  ???   Qld

QX 4808  Pte CD Henders   Woombye   N.O.L.  Queensland

TX 1158   C St L Lewis   Wynyard   Tasmania

QX  4048  A Trenow  Cairns   N. Qld

TX 351  EG Fleming  Deloraine   Tasmania

QX 1585  JR Reinke   Longreach   Queensland

QX 1800   J Hocking   Roma   Queensland

TX 280   JM  Fletcher  Launceston   Tasmania

TX 1004  Max Hickman   Hobart   Tas

front of signaller brochure


signaller p1




signaller p2







signaller p3signaller p4







signaller p5signaller p6







signaller p7









signaller p8

signaller p9





signaller p10

back of signaller borchure

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