Mementoes and Gifts

This page gathers together images of items other than letters from the collection.

ammo daily 1


Daily new sheet from onboard troopship X1  (Queen Mary).   Other pages can be found in the post dated June 25, 1940





birthday and social telegram


Telegrams sent and received – England 1940.

Other examples can be found in the post of August 10, 1940.





Sabroan barracks


On guard duty – Sabroan barracks, Colchester – October 1940

photo by Dick Lewis



Scottish Christmas card



Christmas card from Scotland inner

Christmas card sent from England Oct 1940



Durban postcard



Athlone dining card outer

Postcard and dining card from Durban Feb 1940



compact for mother


compact open


Souvenir to Mother from Durban Feb 1940





front of signaller brochure



Cover of a booklet of verses written by ‘the Durban Signaller’ – see post dated March 2 1941 for the full set.






orange grove


Relaxing in a Palestinian orange grove .  See post of April 1, 1941


Photo by Dick Lewis


Sanitarium card outerSanitarium card inner




Card accompanying a cake from Ivy and Bill







2015-05-06 17.54.00


A damn good feed – post of May 31, 1941






A card from Glasgow lassie, Billie Laird – see post of May 30, 1941







Dad and Charlie Mene

Dad and Charlie Mene – photo taken in Gaza in memory of events in Durban – ref e.g. letter of February 15, 1941






2015-03-26 07.31.09

2015-03-26 07.34.25







Extracts from Haifa pamphlet – post re this escapade dated June 4, 1941

Shoe Shine


Shoe shine – location unknown








Binoculars taken from French sniper – see post of July 10, 1941



2015-06-08 09.16.23


September 13, 1941 – Australian Women’s Weekly shares Dad’s description of  the day he and Pete McCowan accepted the surrender of a Syrian (Lebanese) town.

– ref. post dated July 16, 1941






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