The letters : as shared in this blog – letters written by Max Hickman TX 1004 during the years 1940 – 45

The Footsoldiers: The story of the 2/33rd Australian Infantry Baattalion in the War of 1939-45   by William Crooks – Printcraft Press 1971

Dick Lewis (TX 599) – Dick was, with Dad, one of the original members of the 2/33 Carrier platoon.  As such, he trained with Dad in England and North Africa and was engaged with him in the campaigns in Syria and New Guinea.  Dick still lives in Wynyard Tasmania with Peg, his wife of 64 years.  Dick has generously shared photographs and memories in several long conversations.

The ‘Christmas Books’ published by the Australian War Memorial, namely : Active Service: with Australia in the Middle East -(1941);  Soldiering On (1942); Khaki and Green (1943); Jungle Warfare (1944); and Stand Easy (1945)

Fighters From the Fringe – by Robert A Hall , Aboriginal Studies Press  1995

Jungle Warriors by Adrian Threlfall, Allen & Unwin 2014

The Silent Men : Syria to Kokoda and on to Gona – by Peter Dornan- Allen and Unwin 1999

The Line – by Arch and Martin Flanagan – One Day Hill, 2005

The Architect of Kokoda – by Robyn Kienzle  – Hachette Australia 2011

100 years of Australian Machine Guns – Ian Skennerton – self published 1989

Tasmania’s War Effort 1939-45 – Matt O’Brien Government Publicity Officer – Examiner Press 1946

Hobart at War 1939 to 1945 – Photographs from the archives of The Mercury compiles by C J Dennison – Artemis publishing 2008

Australian War Memorial collection – website includes many photographs and images of other items, unit histories in summary form and unit diaries (e.g. Brigade diary for July/ August 1941 is at

Petrol rationing during World War II  – a detailed account of the background, political machinations, and community responses to this issue –

 A Special Kind of Service – The Story of the 2/9 Australian General Hospital 1940 – 46 by Joan Crouch (1986)

Wikipedia – all manner of information in the form of text, images, videos etc

Memories of some wartime experiences – unpublished paper – approx 1972 – by Max Hickman

A Photographic record of the descendants of Richard & Phyllis Hickman – by Robert N Kellett – self published 2003


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